Research & Resources

Michigan State University study on reflexology support for chemotherapy patients:
Three studies tracked how reflexology was able to improve chemo patients' quality of life, reduce the impact of the side effects of chemo by reducing pain, fatigue, stress, and other symptoms. The studies were conducted using randomized controlled trials, multi-site, and longitudinal methods to gauge results. Each study was approximately a $3M investment, sponsored by the National Institute of Health, with approximately 300 participants.

Case study of using reflexology to reduce lymphoedema after breast cancer treatment:

Case study by Kay Sainsbury of eliminating epilepsy in 3 year old girl, comprising of an aggressive 4-seizure type condition (2011):  

My Story: Read how reflexology healed me from epilepsy after 30 years of standard methods of doctors and medication therapies.

Reflexology Association of America research studies: 
(Links to several studies, including pain reduction, anxiety, diabetic neuropathy, multiple sclerosis, and more.) 

American Academy of Reflexology studies: 
(Links to 380 case study abstracts listed by category, including arthritis, constipation, diabetes, hypertension, PMS, and more) 

Pacific Institute of Reflexology
(Links to several studies, including respiratory conditions, asthma, headaches/migraines and more)

University of Minnesota:
Studying the impact of reflexology on the body and various diseases, including the cardiovascular system, cancer treatment, pediatrics):

Find a Certified Reflexologist in your neighborhood:

Listings are constantly updating as more certified and trained reflexologists join the ranks. You can also Google for a reflexologist in your area. Not all states have certification requirements in order to practice. However, the organizations below have training and ongoing educational requirements in order to be a member.

American Reflexology Certification Board (ARBC)
The American Reflexology Certification Board® is an independent testing agency for the field of reflexology. ARCB® is a legally constituted, non-government entity incorporated as a non-profit corporation and is IRS tax exempt. It has been set up precluding self interest and private financial gain to serve the Reflexology field and protect public safety. ARCB's® primary aim is to accomplish this through certifying the competency of those reflexologists practicing professionally who meet certain standards. The ARCB® certifies practitioners in all 50 states.

Washington State Reflexology Association
(Your own state may have a reflexology association as well)

International Institute of Reflexology