Considerations for COVID-19

  1. As health care providers, reflexology therapists must follow federal, state and local laws which include both Washington State Labor & Industries (L&I) and Governor requirements that relate to health care. WA L&I states that health care workers must be fully vaccinated; health care settings must maintain social distancing between people regardless of vaccination status and the Governor’s mandate states that anyone within a health care facility (workers, visitors and patients) must remain masked regardless of vaccination status.
  2. Reflexologists work in many different settings – home, office, clinic, gym, resort, hotel, day spa, nail salon, etc. This means, that wherever reflexologists practice, the portion of the location that is practiced in, is considered a health care setting, even if it is a single treatment room where reflexology is done within a non-health care facility.
  3. As such, when you arrive for your appointment, I will do a touchless temperature check, ask you a series of questions regarding any covid-like symptoms you may be experiencing, ask about any recent contact you may have had with people infected with Covid, and ask you to wear a mask.
  4. I am fully vaccinated and will also wear a mask and wear medical gloves during our session. The gloves are thin, non-latex gloves which will not impede the efficacy of the treatment nor how it feels.
  5. The treatment chair will be draped with an impermeable cloth, and then covered with a sheet. After each session the treatment chair and the client chair are wiped down and linens are changed out.